Steve Crown


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Steve Crown (Early Life)
Abuja based Steve Crown Okolo, born into a family of six, hails from Benue state. He portrayed interest in music at the age of four and joined Saint John’s Anglican church choir at the age of seven. He was a member of the famous children’s happiness club named Deacon Kids Band. Presently, Steve Crown shares the stage with many great gospel artists, sings in concerts, crusades and serves as a music director in several choirs and singing groups.

The Birth of Lakelight
Lakelight was birthed from Steve Crown through divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit.
She is a family for her founder, and was created to help young people discover their purpose in life, to save lost souls, teach the youths to work hard to achieve their goals and to discover the Greatness of God.

Lakelight’s vision and mission is also to discover talents, listen and help create a platform that will help them create positive impact in the society. Lakelight is a great family and Steve Crown is the founder and President of Lakelight Entertainment.

Creative Work
Steve continues to sing gospel songs in concerts and make videos for his songs; sending his message to the world.
His songs are barely commercialized, as Crown said; he didn’t expect that his first song would be a hit, he reassures that he sings his songs soley to bless lives.
We can say for sure that his contemporary perception of gospel songs is a new breadth for this genre.


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